Goal Setting 101


A goal with out a plan is just a wish.

Goal Setting 101

Identify your  W’s

  • What is your goal? - BE SPECIFIC!

  • Why is your goal important to you? If your answer is “Just because” it’s time to go back to the drawing board, my friend!

  • Who will be positively impacted if (ahem - WHEN) you achieve your goal? Family, friends, pets, coworkers… these can all be incredible motivators when you’re in a slump.

  • When will you meet your goal? - Set a deadline, then work backwards to develop a clear plan of attack. Break your goal down into milestones (with their own deadlines) so you’re not overwhelmed from the start.

Account for accountability

  • Set yourself up for success with an accountability partner who is either working towards a similar goal, or has already achieved what you’ve set out to accomplish.

  • Align yourself with people you admire - They will be a valuable source of support and input throughout the process

  • Track your progress - there are countless project planning and accountability apps at your disposal. Do your homework, find one that vibes with you, and stick with it!

Know Thyself

  • What motivates you when nothing else does? If you’re competitive, make it a competition! If you’re reward oriented, dangle a carrot or two along the way. Example: Saving to buy your first home - Once you’ve saved your first $1k, treat yourself to a nice new wallet, or customized debit card. Every time you spend money, you’ll be reminded of your goal and re-think that 3am Instagram-fueled online shopping spree.

  • What has held you back from achieving your goals in the past? You know your weaknesses. Shine a spotlight on them now, so you’re aware when they will inevitably creep in next time.

  • Give yourself a break. There will likely be setbacks along the way to meeting your goal. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back at it. Remember your why you started!