Chair Roundup

The right chair in a room can really elevate a space. How are you supposed to find the perfect match though with so many styles and choices out there?

We've rounded up a few of our favorites to help you narrow it down. There's a little bit for every design personality, whether you're more traditional, more concerned about comfort or want to represent your modern or, perhaps, masculine taste. 

subtle stripes | vintage desk + chair | purple velvet | floral
leather | orange | geometric | stripes + molding

HOME DECOR TRENDS: Black Painted Walls

So this trend is kind of crazy right? Or is it crazy amazing? One thing that really works for all of the spaces above is that there are elements of wood (adding warmth), a break in the color (the white fireplace, the white subway tiles, the white brick wall) and texture. It's a daring trend that is perfectly adaptable to many styles out there. We like this article by Country Living that shares more tips on how to incorporate any bold wall color in your home!

living room | bathroom | bedroom